Textile Designer
Enquire about Stitching For The Soul

Beverley Holmes-Wright lives and works from home in the City of Durham and originates from Derbyshire. She has been stitching and creating for over 25 years but started up a part-time business years ago after completing an honours degree in Creative Practice from Newcastle college of art and design/ Leeds Met University.

Beverley is most inspired by natural forms and retro designs which come across in her stylised flower landscapes. Her work is primarily concerned with colour, composition and quality of workmanship.  She would describe what she does as craft as she loves producing carefully made pieces.  Her chief aim is to please the eye and brighten up the homes which take her work.
Using only the highest quality fabrics and threads, each piece is made using a variety of free machine embroidery, appliqué and delicate stitched patterns. But, perhaps the largest part of Beverley’s work involves planning aesthetic colour schemes and composition so that each creation is harmonious and balanced.

Why Stitching for the Soul?  Stitching makes Beverley happy and is an integral  part of her life,  it keeps her busy and enables her to meet people who are like-minded, making and buying well crafted hand-made items.  She is partial to a bit of soul music too.