Sculpture - Metalwork
Enquire about Sarah Jane Brown

Sarah has been working sculpturally with various metals since 1994.

She has developed a new collection of work, which first launched in 2001, in the form of wire knits. The development of the wire knits were a progression - a step away from her previous 3 dimensional sculpture. By using wire, Sarah can manipulate the form of the sculpture. It is flexible enough to construct into any shape, with its overall appearance being less harsh and more pleasing to the touch. The essence in in the individuality and the handmade qualities of each sculpture.

This involves moulding by hand the wire knit into the body of the sculpture. The first works being dogs- tails and legs are added separately and hand stitched, each creating an individual and unique piece. Lastly collars and tags are added to these canine creatures denoting their names i.e ‘Daisy’ (flower), ‘Digger’ (a bone) and ‘Dazzler’ (a star). This work is more ‘people friendly’, and ‘touchy feely’. The sculptures can be personalised by gently adjusting the tail and head to make the dog look to the stars, sniff the daisies, or rummage for the hidden bone. The inspiration for the latest collection of sculptures has been expanded onto include humans and birds. The female character can be found to be standing on a hill surrounded by the birds or with Daisy, Digger or Dazzler.