Enquire about Karen Williams

Karen Williams is a self taught artist and has worked full time as a sculptor for 15 years from her studio in her garden in Nottinghamshire, kept company by her lurcher Fraiser.

Each of Karen’s sculptures is totally handmade as she uses no patterns or moulds so you are guaranteed to get an original piece of art. Her sculptures are different from what most people think of as traditional outdoor sculpture. She uses recycled material in a fun & unique way.

Karen starts by making the structure from wire & clay which she then covers with a variety of recycled materials, using old jeans, t-shirts, socks etc. The material is soaked in a special resin that strengthens & waterproofs the sculpture making them suitable for both indoor & outdoor use all year round. They are then hand painted using several layers of paint to look like metal. She pay’s great attention to detail and although you may imagine the sculpture to be delicate they are in fact quite robust.

Each piece takes many hours to make and range from 10” to life sized pieces