Enquire about Hilary Bravo

Hilary has been making papier-mâché jewellery for the past 30 years. Having invented her own techniques and working methods, she has managed to create a form of papier-mâché that resembles enamel, yet it is lightweight and a delight to wear.

Hilary’s way of working is to travel and paint. She then develops her paintings with more detail once back in her studio in Topsham, Devon. Adding layers of paint and acrylic ink, with interference of mediums and gold, silver and copper leaf; she recreates the colours and atmospheres of the places she discovered.

The fragments of the paintings are then sealed with a hard epoxy resin on the surface - this naturally domes to form a lens that magnifies the image and intensifies the colours.

Hilary’s jewellery has sold in The Guggenheim Museum shop in New York, in Liberty in London and in various galleries in Japan and Europe.