Sculpture - Metalwork
Enquire about Frances Noon

Frances started making silver jewellery in the 1990’s whilst still exhibiting and selling print work and has been exploring larger 3d pieces for about 4 years now. She sees these as an extension and a combination of her jewellery and print techniques.

Frances began with birds and hens as a main theme, but now includes a range of animals, boats, trees and new wall pieces. She likes to play around with scale in her work, just like you would see in a dolls house with different sized furniture and huge doll occupants. So her gull on a row boat is far too big and birds in trees are rather massive.
They combine base metals; copper and brass, with wood and allow Frances to use colour in her work.She hand textures the metal using the rolling mill and by hammering, she has a variety of punches to draw with on the metal surface and she then files the shapes around the edges. The metal parts are soldered together and then taken through an oxidisation process.
Some of her pieces have integral wooden parts, especially the boats and trees and she spends equal amount of time sawing and sanding down wooden pieces, using layer upon layer of paint to build up the coloured surface so it looks aged and worn.
The birds and animals are presented on a wooden framework, a plinth or peeping out of their own houses. Boats have a small section of “ sea “ and trees sit on a block of “land.”

Like her jewellery, each piece is made by hand and has individual decoration and personality.